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School Disputes

School Disputes can be allot on a parent or a school.

Our children go to school 8 hours or more in a day.

They are actually with us less. On the Flip side of things our teachers tend to our children more than we do in a days time and often we have to listen and hear both sides of a conflict, concern prior to saying..Not my child..Or I am so sorry for what my child has done.

We need communication!

With Mediation everyone has the opportunity to sit in a room ( We do offer service at School ) and meet one on one with all that is affected. The reason it is better to have a mediator present is becuase somtimes to many emotions, or feelings get involved when it comes to our children or students.

You may have a teacher, that can not believe the child lives or has certain parents that are to busy to tend to their children or some that just to do show concern at all. Or you will have some that care to much.

You may have a parent, that feels the student should be taught better, have more options, or stop being picked on or harassed by the teacher due to the lack of their child or the teacher.

No matter the case. It is ALWAYS best to bring all that is involved and reach a clear view on what is best for the student and everyone else involved. Open the lines of communication, come up with a legal binding agreement that works for this situation and will maintain this situation from happening again.

Stop the cycle. Bring Awareness, Bring Change Let your child and the teacher enjoy being at school again.

Mediation is for both parties, a mediator is a neutral third party that will ensure all gets the closure they need by saving you time and money.

Choice Mediation Solutions " Where Your Voice Counts" 225-308-4559 New Orleans 337-284-3117 Lafayette Serving Louisiana @ Your Location or Ours!

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