Have you been bitten by a DOG?

Mediation for Animals!

Animal Attacks Animal Damage to Property Animal Bites Animal Rights Animal Protection Mediation can help. Whether you have hired an attorney or you not sure what you would like to do next. Choice Mediation Solutions can assist you. Mediators are here to offer you open lines of communication, so that all parties can reach a firm Legal Binding Compromise that will all everyone involved to save time and money, while gaining closure. Mediation is confidential, Mediators are protected by the state not to be required or requested to be a witness in the event the mediation would reach an impasse. Over 98% of Mediation end in resolution! Over 95 % of all law suits in with a settlement offer! So why not come into agreement NOW! Mediation gives you more in settlement offers due to not have years of medical and litigation fees coming from your bottom line. With Mediation you call us and give us the info. We get everyone involved and assist as a neutral third party, allowing you to have the say in the matter and bring this to a close. Choice Mediation Solutions " Where Your Voice Counts" 225-308-4559 New Orleans 337-284-3117 Lafayette Serving Louisiana @ Your Location or Ours! www.choicemediationsolutions.com

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