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Have you received a Damage shipment?

Have you received a Damage shipment? Do not want or have the means to purchase more while waiting to resolve with a law suit, judgment, etc?

Mediation will assist you in the matter. If you are the receiver we can assist you in meeting with the sender, and shipper to resolve the matter now verses tying up your time, money and project in litigation. Our Mediators are trained extensively in this field and will assist you in getting the results you want and need to have resolution and closure right now. If you are the sender or shipper, Mediation works for you as well. Mediation will open the lines of communication allowing all views to be heard in addition to having a neutral third party present to keep and maintain compromise, resolution and closure for all. Mediation is a legal binding agreement that you get to address in one session over 98% of the time. Mediation resolves NOW! Choice Mediation Solutions " Where Your Voice Counts"

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