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Choice Mediation Solutions realizes that in any claim, dispute, accident, or circumstance you are the one affected, and it is important for Your Voice to be heard, and Your Choice to be made.

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 90% of all cases, claims and disputes are settled before going to court or they settle in court after years of waiting. Now you have the option to cut cost and time and resolve now!

Mediation Services that offer your resolution now!

Employment Disputes
Are you dealing with a circumstance at work with a coworker or boss and feel there is a better solution ? Let's get everyone together and resolve the matter so you can be heard. This will allow you to go to work without regrets  or allow you the change needed for new opportunities elsewhere.

Business Disputes
Do you feel a Business could have handled their service with you better? Do you feel a product is not what you expected or that you waited or are you waiting longer than what is acceptable to you? Do you feel you could have been treated better by the business? Let's organize a meeting with you and the business so you can be heard and have the matter resolved.

Choice Mediaition Solutions

Personal Injury Disputes
Do you have a personal injury claim or not sure if you want to file a claim?

Whether you were hurt in a car accident, at  work, or at a business while shopping? Choice Mediation Solutions can help you.


Don't let expensive fees and wait times delay you any longer. Have a voice! Be the one who makes the decision in your matter.  Let's call the adjuster, business, or opposing side and resolve your matter right away so you can be free of this burden. 

Mediation Services by Choice Mediation Solutions
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With Choice Mediation Solutions you have the opportunity to save time and money. You also make the decisions in your case and gain closure.

Why Mediation and Not Court?

You are heard !

Your case reflects on your past, present and future. You deserve to be heard and the opposing party needs to hear how this has and will affect you so you can gain closure.

Less Cost !

With Choice Mediation Solutions your cost is only a fraction of what court and attorney fees will be.

No long wait times !

As you know going to court can be within a year or several years only to end in settlement. Choice Mediation Solutions allows you to agree, and resolve now..and not settle.

Your Decision !

As you know in court you sit on the side lines while your attorney speaks for you and makes the decisions for you. With Medation you get to make your own decisons. Your resolution is decided by you.

With Choice Mediations Solutions the matter is completly resolved...With













Choice Mediation Solutions offers you several options that will allow you to take charge in your family dispute, or matter.


  1. Pre-Mediation

  2. Mediation 

  3. Legal Document Preparation

Family Disputes

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