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Choice Mediation Solutions

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. Over the past ten years it has become the most popular option for resolving civil disputes. Lawyers, insurance companies, risk managers, and legal departments use mediation daily as a quick and efficient way to resolve litigation, claims, and disputes.


During a mediation session, the disputing parties meet with a neutral person, which is the mediator, and try to come to a resolution of the disagreement. In the end, an agreement is reached without the hassle of a courtroom.

Some benefits of mediation are that the disputes are settled now, there is no litigation expenses,  you are in control because the mediator acts as your go-between, you end up being educated about the legal issues involved in your case, and finally, you save time because the mediator keeps things organized and efficient.


Dispute types that you may consider mediation for:

Family, Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Paternity, Name Change, Parental Rights, Personal injury, insurance, admiralty, maritime personal injury, railroad,18-wheeler, aviation, premises liability, products liability, environmental, oil and gas, oilfield, employment, sexual/racial harassment and discrimination, medical malpractice, pharmaceutical, medical device, legal malpractice, architect/engineer malpractice, agricultural, bad faith, insurance coverage, commercial/contract disputes, unfair trade practices, misappropriation of trade secrets, catastrophic damage claims (hurricanes, etc), class actions.

Business Associates & Legal Document Preparation Agents

At Choice Mediation Solutions we hire a highly qualified team of Business Associates able and willing to assist you with services that are available in both your personal and professional lifestyle.

None of us want to face the challenges that come about but now you have the option to be ready to take it on and resolve without missing an opportunity.

At Choice Mediation Solutions our Business Associates will assist you in making sure you are aware of your options, opportunities and protection for both your personal or professional day to day life.

Inquire today at:

You can also contact our Business Team at 337-284-3117 by voice, text or fax.

Side Mark – Know your business so we will direct you to the proper department and not one of our mediators.

Knowing Your Rights & Options Regarding:




Power of Attorney








Knowing Your Rights & Options in Business:

How to form DBA

How to form LLC

Contract Agreement Rights and Regulations

Breach of Contract

Business and Consumer Rights and Expectations

How to protect your Business

Reconciling for Business & Consumer transaction’s 

Protect your customers....Protect your business....Know everyone's rights, obligations and options.

Senior Mediators

Certified Mediators of Louisiana


Extensive training with the Mediation Institute approved by Louisiana State Bar Association Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Committee. Training hours approved and maintained through education with Mediation Institute Per La.R.S. 9:4106 (A) (1) with the Louisiana State Bar Association ADR section. Mediated many disputes in a variety of situations such as personal injury, boundary disputes, employment discrimination, construction, insurance claims, contractor disputes, misappropriation of trade, commercial contract disputes, and personal liability. We are confident no one walked away with a feeling of being unresolved. In addition, Choice Mediation Solutions has mediators that have over 20 years’experience in business, operations, manufacturing, school systems, construction combined with being a mother of 3, and a wife of 18 years. Choice Mediation Solutions takes pride in making sure you are treated with the time and respect you deserve to gain closure.

While we cannot say that we have seen it all, We can say that we have seen and been through a lot. Choice Mediation Solutions Mediators'  stand out  because we have been in your position no matter what side it is on, and we have lived through many of the experiences you are presently going through right now. There was a time in our lives when we were debilitated and destitude, and it was during this time that our Mediators said we must work to bring change. Choice Mediation Solutions team of Mediators therefore, specialize in bringing resolution, closure, peace and comfort because we know how important it is to have those things. Unlike many others, we have been there. Let's face it, when something comes up ----happens---occurs we want closure, we want results, and we want to move on. With Choice Mediation Solutions you will have that! 

Mediator Connection:

At Choice Mediation Solutions we take pride in fitting your case, dispute, claim with the proper mediator. We take the time to analyze our strengths and pair you with the best options and opportunities for your specific needs. We will never treat you as a number and we will take on the challenge as our own to give you the time required with the opposing side to resolve your case, dispute, or claim in its entirety. 


Email us at or contact 337-284-3117 by Voice, Text or Fax to be assigned to a mediator that will work  with you. Choice Mediation Solution Hires Mediators in your areas to allow you to have a local go to when in need and throughout your entire process.

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