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Choice Mediation Solutions offers you closure, and the ability to have a Choice in your matter!


Personal Injury
Personal Liability
Medical & Legal Malpractice
Product Liability
Child Support
Parental Rights


Let's talk Personal Injury and why mediation is a perfect fit with Choice Mediation Solutions.

Let's go over different views of a  situation you may face and why Choice Mediation Solutions is right for you.

If you do not have an Attorney yet.

Let's say you were just hit from behind. You went to the emergency room. You know you have injuries but they are not that bad and you feel in a short time with proper exercise and rest you will be back at your best. Yes you may have issues as you get older but they will not be severe. Normally you would go to an attorney, file a claim, set up an account, appointments with doctors, etc. This along with extent of the injury and then the fees, time and pressure starts building. Loss of work from appointments, depositions, and meetings begins to add pressure. Then the thought of court begins to start affecting your work, routine, life. You realize cases of this sort may settle after waiting years only to get a small amount once attorney fees and medical is involved and still you get no closure. You never get a chance to say how this affected you and have a choice in the amount agreed upon because at this point numbers come from a negotiation between your attorney and the opposing side attorney based on the accident type, injury, doctor visits, and a time line of years on how this will and will not affect you.​

With Choice Mediation Solutions you have the opportunity to take charge. I am not saying an attorney is not needed, but you can request mediation alone if you would like to make that attempt prior to getting involved in a court case.

Reasons that you may be successful in a scenario like this one is as follows:​

A. The adjustor, business, opposing side will be willing to work with you to avoid a mark on their records with your claim pending against them. They will see you are an open and honest person looking to resolve the matter quickly and quietly so that not only you have the proper closure, but they will as well. 

B. Mediation cost less and is effective. The opposing side is likely to offer to cover the mediation fees knowing you are eager to take the extra step to resolve quickly and quietly.

C. You and the opposing side get to work together one on one with a neutral party, the Mediator, assisting you to work through what happened. This allows both parties to be heard.



Once you have an attorney.

On the other hand if you have taken the first steps in a case like this or a case on a much larger level:

You have hired an attorney and you feel you are a sitting duck. Not because of your attorney by any means. (They are there to keep everything in line for you, and they go to bat for you to protect your interest and your rights.) You are just at a standstill because court and the process of a case may take some time. ​Mediation is an option to get things moving for you.

You can request Choice Mediation Solutions to your attorney. (Some attorneys may have their own mediators but you do have the option to request who you wish to work with ) Your attorney will then set up the apt with Choice Mediation Solutions. 

You, your attorney and the opposing side will come in and meet together. We will meet in one room as a group. All parties will respectfully state their side and be heard. Then parties will be separated to discuss the expectations of the resolution. This allows things to happen now and eliminates waiting weeks, months, or years to resolve. On top of this you have the choice in the matter in a comfortable setting and not have the pressure of court. Over 90 % of cases settle why not take control and request settlement and resolution of you matter now.​

Whatever happened to get you to this day...You want closure and you should have closure. You are the one affected. Once court or mediation is over everyone but you will go on about their routine. You are still affected for the rest of your life. We want you to leave this experience, this time in your life feeling good that the matter was resolved and not just settled on...( literally or otherwise )

With Choice Mediation Solutions you have the Choice ...Because…..Your Voice Counts.

Attention Business Owners

Mediation is a great way to work out miscommunication, differences, disputes and delays you may be facing as a business owner.

I know as a business owner you have a lot going on and work very hard to build your reputation and your product name and/or service.

With today's world and social media it only takes a few minutes to discredit you with an upset vendor, shipper, employee, customer, parent, member, or client.

No matter how hard we work we cannot please everyone and what we need to focus on most is communication.

As a business owner with so many hours and days in a week, it can be hard to take that specific time with each and every person and/or situation.

As a business owner we normally have employees to delegate these trails, & circumstances to. But let's face it. It is hard for someone to care the way we would about our own company or it is in fact the actual employee that feels they are taken advantage of, or ignored.

As an employee, vendor, shipper, customer, parent, client, or member...We cannot expect them to know what we do, or face in a days’ time or why we are distance, preoccupied, upset or otherwise. We cannot assume they will understand and forgive either. This is why communication is a must.

Miscommunication or lack of is the main reason disputes, disagreements, law suits, claims, & inconveniences may happen. We simply do not have the time.

With Choice Mediation Solutions we make the time for you. We open the lanes of communication. Guide you to get to the root of the issue and work with the opposing side to avoid law suits, disagreements, slander and more.

Choice Mediation Solutions is here to work with you one on one to make sure your reputation stays in tack and you have things in order so you can enjoy your company and what you have accomplished.

No matter what you are having an occurrence with in your company, Choice Mediation Solutions can help you.

It is very import to see the opposing side vision in all matters as well. They need and want to be heard and this will only add to your production, performance and moral.

We have over 20 years’ experience in Business disputes. We have knowledgeable staff that has been in your situation as well as the opposing side’s situation. We have highly trained mediators that have worked on mediations for business owners, clients, vendors and shippers.

Our specialty and our heart, is in Business.

We know what it is like to work hard and feel unappreciated, like you have messed up or cannot get back control because things have spun so for out of control.

We have the way and will help you to resolve all matters.

Contact us for anything you are dealing with in your business:

Contract - Disagreement/Dispute/Preparation to protect your right

Billing - Accounts Payable/Receivable

Delays - Shipping/Receiving/Production with Vendor/Customer

Employee - Acknowledgement/Promotion/Disagreement/Dispute

Product - Defects/Quality/Service/Production/Manufacturing/Delays/Breakdowns

Service - Labor/Subs/Agreements/Warranty/Dissatisfaction/Proof of Satisfaction

Customer - Customer Service/Slander/Disagreements/Disputes/Lawsuits


With Choice Mediation Solutions you can save time and money with or without an attorney.

For Your Business needs we like to assist you before you need an attorney or have a law suit to allow you to show the business and business owner who you are. That you will go and have gone above and beyond to work out the matter without tarnishing your company you worked so hard to build and showing the customer, vendor, shipper, or employee; that they do matter to you and you does want what is best for everyone. When you are busy in your day to day; it is not that you do not have time for them, or to say what they need to hear. You need that person …Like Choice Mediation Solutions to help you show them have special they are to you, or to protect you when needed.

You and the opposing side get to sit face to face and hear and be heard. You both get to make the decisions and resolve the matter without the stress of constant calling, lawsuits or slander.

We also offer mediation resolutions by phone to save you time and gives you an alternative to work out the details with a neutral party making the resolving calls instead of the business owner or the staff.

Attention Consumers!!

Whether you are a Homeowner, Client, Member, Customer, or Parent; Choice Mediation Solutions understands you want and need to be heard.

Choice Mediation Solutions know you feel it is your obligation, your duty to not only get what is right for you, but to protect others and bring awareness to what is and is not right and who will and will not take care of those needs or provide those services properly. 

With Choice Mediation Solutions we here to stop the un-returned calls, emails, or text...the awkward feeling when you go in to check on your order or inquire on your service, that makes you feel you are wrong or an inconvenience.

A Mediator serves as your neutral third party to bring everyone together front and center to discuss the ends and outs of the entire situation and bring resolution, closure and a legal binding agreement! 

You get to make the decisions and you get to express your views and give the business more knowledge and you get to hear the view of the company.

Choice Mediation Solutions realizes you want what you ordered or you want the labor, service, time you were promised.

With Choice Mediation Solutions we will cut out the frustration, doubt, delays, worry and concern.

Let us work for you to bring closure to this circumstance.

In any Dispute/Disagreement/Unsatisfactory Situation you want one thing. 

Choice Mediation Solutions Knows you want to be heard and to have resolution and closure.

You certainly do not want to spend more money on attorney fees; court cost nor have this drawn out for weeks, months years in court only to lose more time and money. 

Choice Mediation Solutions Understands. We have mediators and Business Associates that have been in your shoes and know exactly how you feel and what you need.

Choice Mediation Solutions knows that you worked hard to get the product or service you paid for, and now you want to enjoy it.

At Choice Mediation Solutions we have highly trained mediators in this field that will work with you one on one to gain resolution with a vendor, manufacture, business, business owner, church, school, club, labor, sub-contractor, contractor, builder, repair man, or shipper . You name it; We can and will help you.

Stop dealing with this on your own!

Stop adding cost to what you have already spent with collectors, attorney fees, and court cost.

Let Choice Mediation Solutions - Get you in a meeting one on one with the opposing side and let's resolve this for a fraction of the time and cost.

In many instances the opposing side will cover half or all of the cost to allow all to have closure.

Our rates are 150.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum to confirm your mediation.

Or inquire on our flat rates.

Contact Choice Mediation for:
Contract: Breach/Dispute/Disagreements
Service: Unsatisfactory/Warranty/Delays/Liability
Product: Unsatisfactory/Warranty/Delays/Liability
Business: Disputes/Delays/Customer Service
Accounts: Payable/Receivable/Refunds/ Disagreements
Shipping-Receiving: Damage/Insurance/Delays

Family Dispute Resolutions

Choice Mediation Solutions is here to assist your family!

When you have a family matter the last thing you may want is to address it in court.

You are already stressed over what this change has brought to you and your family.

You simply want to resolve and move on.

With Choice Mediation we offer you closure today, by working with all sides to assist you in resolution privately and on your terms. 

In Pre-Mediation you do not have to meet or speak to your spouse. All is done through the Mediator Assigned.

In Mediation you get closure between you and your spouse resolving the matter together with a Mediator.

With our Legal Document Preparation option you no longer have to wait for the funds to hire an attorney, or for the opposing side to agree or sign.

You Now get a Choice in your Family Matter.

Services & Why Choice Mediations Solution Works!

Choice Mediation Solutions offers you a selection of options for Family Disputes or Matter to select from:

Pre-Mediation: Negotiations done through correspondence. You set your first apt with Choice Mediation Solutions, then we take it from there. You and the opposing side have a Neutral third Party " Assigned Mediator" to open lines of communication, negotiate and discuss your matter without you or the other party having to speak or meet one another. Once an agreement is met, your assigned Mediator will prepare a Legal Binding Agreement for all parties to review and sign. If you do not reach an agreement and request us to do so; we will then prepare a petition for you to proceed. What Pre-Mediation offers is a way to work out the matter together on your terms and not be decided upon in court. This option also allows you to resolve it without having to speak to one another or meet with one another, and for this reason they matter is resolved quicker with less emotion involved allowing all parties to gain closure and a new start now.

Cost: $350.00 for Online-Mediation ( Negotiations ) online

Then $150.00 per hour that exceeds 2 hours, prior to mediation you will be given a quote to prepare your Legal Binding Agreement when you reach an agreement.

Mediation: Mediation that is done face to face in a meeting with all parties involved. Your assigned Mediator is in the mediation with you at all times and assist you to come in agreement on your individual wants & needs.

$800.00 Admin Cost to Begin & Set up an apt.

$150.00 per hour for time that exceeds 3 hours, due at close of Mediation.

For a Cost for Mediator to travel to your location inquire today.

Legal Document Preparation: Choice Mediation Solutions offers you an alternative if you are in complete agreement or disagreement that will allow you to have the proper petitions, legal documents, demand letters, or proposals needed to take charge in your matter. This is an option that many clients come to Choice Mediation Solutions for to save cost on Attorney fees if they choose not to hire an attorney or can not afford an attorney. Most often many Family or Civil matters go unresolved due to the cost of hiring an attorney. With Choice Mediation Solutions you may request the legal documents needed to allow you to file and have closure now.

$250.00 Preparation Cost ( Starting Cost ) Call for Accurate Rate based on your request

Locations & Meetings

Choice Mediation Solutions Hires Mediators and Legal Document Preparation Agents throughout Louisiana!

Contact us today to work with Choice Mediation Solutions at an area near you!


Main Meeting Locations:

New Orleans

Baton Rouge

New Iberia








Now as of 2020

We met with our clients face to face for over 12 years until the world experienced covid. At that time we had to take huge necessary measures to convert to serve you online. Once we acclimated to this massive change we found that it allowed us to serve our clients with more time and attention, in addition we were able to save you time and cost. With that being said, we have decided at this time to remain online to serve you.

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