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Builders - Mediation Available In Louisiana

Are you having a disagreement with a partner, employee, sub, installer, supplier, shipper, repair service, vendor, or homeowner? Choice Mediation Solutions is here to assist you with this dispute to avoid it escalating to a claim or case against you, your business or your insurance. We know you work hard and it is nearly impossible to please everyone, however we must keep our lines of communication open to avoid being discredited, sued, or unsatisfactory. Choice Mediation Solutions offers you a way to save time and money. With Mediation you are showing your the opposing side you care, you hear to listen and work with them. Often times due to emotions, or long work hours it is not best to go one on one with the opposing die alone. That is where the mediator comes in as a neutral third party - not to make the decisions but to ensure all the facts and options are laid out for each party to see. To give a Voice to both sides of the dispute and bring understanding, and resolution. Mediation will allow everyone to move on professionally and avoid any law suits or harm to your reputation or business. Choice Mediation Solutions understands delays, breakdowns, miscommunication or defects happen, but it is important to ensure your customers know you are aware and want to work with them, or addressed that they did get what they paid for and it is time to reach that agreement. Mediation is a great way to work out miscommunication, differences, disputes and delays you may be facing as a labor, manufacture, builder, installer, repair service, contractor, sub-contractor (business owner). Contact Us: Choice Mediation Solutions "Where your Voice Counts" 337-284-3117 Lafayette, La Open By Appoint only Serving Louisiana Locations Lafayette- Baton Rouge- New Orleans- Alexandria, Shreveport- Lake Charles- Marksville- Monroe Or we will come to you! With Choice Mediation Solutions you can save time and money with or without an attorney. We have over 20 years' experience in Business disputes. We have knowledgeable staff that has been in your situation as well as the opposing side's situation. We have highly trained mediators that have worked on mediation for business owners, clients, vendors and shippers. Our rates are 150.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum to confirm your mediation. Until June 30, 2016 with Promotional Code JUNE2016 you gain a flat fee for your mediation of $300.00 ( 8 hour cap - any hours over will be 150.00 per hour )

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