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Why Mediation ?

Why Mediation? Do I need an Attorney? What if I have an attorney?

Mediation is a service that has been around for decades but we tend to all revert back to tradition. We have an occurrence (accident, issue with business, work, neighbor, boss, coworker, product, or service) then we hire an attorney and we step back and let the professionals handle it all to ensure we are taken care of the best way possible. This is by no means the wrong thing to do. That is how it has worked for decades.

As the years progress you see more and more court rooms fill up, longer court date times, fees from all angles, and the work load on the attorneys grows and their time is stretched thin. You begin to feel like you are pushed aside, not taken serious or simply in a rut. When in fact you are just waiting your turn due to the abundance of court cases they have out there today. Choice Mediation Solutions will lighten the load on your attorney, the courts and you.

With Choice Mediation Solutions - Mediation gives you several options.

Let's say you have filed a claim, been going to the doctor for months, or years and you feel you are at a stand still waiting on the process, court date, meeting, counter offer or response.

Or Let's say you are still on the fence trying to decide if you want to file a claim, or hire an attorney. Some people just simply do not want the hassle of this process so they tend to just take one for the team and move forward without any agreement, resolution, settlement or case.

With Choice Mediation Solutions you or your attorney may contact us. Choice Mediation Solutions will send you a brief short form to get us up to date with your case along with the contact information to the opposing side. Choice Mediation Solutions will then set up a meeting with the opposing side for you at a location nearest you if needed or at one of our locations.

What better way to resolve YOUR case than to sit down with the PERSON, GROUP, ADJUSTER, or COMPANY that affected your life and not only be heard, but you will also gain CLOSURE and a VOICE in YOUR meeting and a CHOICE in the RESOLUTION, DISPUTE, SETTLEMENT.

You are the one affected. So you should be heard and make the choices. Once the case, or even this meeting is over everyone but you will move to the next thing. With Choice Mediation Solutions we allow you the opportunity to be heard to have closure too.

Get out of that stand still. Let's get the ball rolling in your favor and gain the closure you need. The resolution you looking for and what is needed to get you back going like you were prior to this occurrence. With Choice Mediation Solutions your Voice and your Choice counts.

Choice Mediation Solutions

Call us 337-284-3117

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