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Attention Attorney's, & Paralegals

Attention Attorney's, Assistants, & Paralegals!

Choice Mediation Solutions wants to assist you!

Choice Mediation Solutions knows about that pile of files on your desk, floor, vehicle and most of all your Mind!

Not to mention countless emails!!! An return calls to make!!

Only to confirm.... we in a waiting process, extended court dates, or more depositions.

I get it.. I was there on that side for years with great attorneys like yourself.. It's just a long process with more cases piling on by the day.

Now I'm on this side... To assist you with your workload, and your clients with closure!!

You carrying the workload, and weight of closure for so many clients... Leaving you with more and more time away from your own family, and lives.

Not that your clients are an inconvenience by any means.. Just as attorneys I know you want them to have what they deserve now. And with law suits on the rise.. Wait times get longer and longer.

With Choice Mediation Solutions you can inform them we going to resolve now!

With Choice Mediation Solutions we will get closure, resolution and settlements now!

Choice Mediation Solutions knows you foot the bill, expense, time involved for your clients and it's just as important to you to close as it is to them.

Let's cut your workload, files, expense, and time down today!!

Choice Mediation Solutions not only has a team with impressive resumes we take the time to stay up to date with training, Mediation, Co Mediation and even sit ins to work and witness many different scenarios to ensure you the best results!!!

We know what you and your client need!

Let's save you time and money.

Let's get your client closure. So they can move on without the burden of what they went through, or going through still today. They won't get that closure in court!

It's a Win - Win for all.

You will see your wins, income, time increase with Choice Mediation Solutions working for you!

Contact us for impressive referrals and confirmation on what we do and how!

With Choice Mediation Solutions we get your case not only settled.....We get closure for your clients and work one on one with you to lighten your load.

All you have to do contact us.

We do the rest for you.

Contact Choice Mediation Solutions Let's get your Mediations set up today!

We travel to meet you if one of our locations in Lafayette, Monroe, Baton Rouge does not work for you.

Choice Mediation Solutions 337-284-3117

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