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What and What a Mediator does?

Why attorney's, businesses, realtors, churches, and consumers hire a Mediator instead of an attorney to mediate?

Great question. It was surprising that my classmates for mediation were judges, attorneys, & counselors. Not they I felt less than them. I just knew their education and experience was far greater than mine and didn't understand why they were taking mediation course.

In conversation we discussed what brought them to extend their education into mediation and they explained the entire outcome and order is different.

They took the mediation course to change the order, view, direction of the way they were thinking, and trained to be the neutral party that allowed everyone to speak, listen and be inspired but all views at the table. No longer deciding or defending one side or the other.

As the course in mediation progressed it was clear on how a Mediator stands alone from am attorney, judge or what we used to when dealing with a dispute, disagreement or claim.

Mediators need an entire different view of circumstances, issues, Dispute, and claims. They act as a neutral party.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. Over the past ten years it has become the most popular option for resolving civil disputes. Lawyers, insurance companies, risk managers, and legal departments use mediation daily as a quick and efficient way to resolve litigation, claims, and disputes.

During a mediation session, the disputing parties meet with a neutral person, which is the mediator, and try to come to a resolution of the disagreement. In the end, an agreement is reached without the hassle of a courtroom.

Some benefits of mediation are that the disputes are settled now, there is no litigation expenses, you are in control because the mediator acts as your go-between, you end up being educated about the legal issues involved in your case, and finally, you save time because the mediator keeps things organized and efficient.

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