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Why Mediation for Divorce

Mediation for Divorce

In any divorce the last thing you want to do it attempt to communicate without a neutral party involved. With attorney fees and court lead times on the rise it opens a door for Mediation to be the go to for your separation needs. Choice Mediation Solutions with work one on one with both of you to bring compromise, agreement, resolutions and closure so you can proceed with a new beginning at your own pace. Choice Mediation Solutions allows you to meet face to face in a comfortable setting. Not your traditional court room setting where the docket is full and you there for hours on in once you finally receive a court date. Mediation is your solution to have the opportunity to be heard and hear with the opposing side has to say. You are the decision makers and this is your life being affected. With Choice Mediation Solutions it is important that you have the Voice & the Choice in your Divorce Mediation. Contact Choice Mediation Solutions today. Save time and Money and get the closure you want and need. Choice Mediation Solutions "Where Your Voice Counts" Serving Louisiana Lafayette, La 337-284-3117 Promotional Code: JUNE2016 Expires June 30, 2016 $300.00 Flat Rate (Hour Cap) - Anything over 8 hours will be 150.00 per hour) Regualr Rates $150.00 per hour

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