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Mediation for Insurance Claims

Would you like to resolve your Insurance Claim now.

Contact Choice Mediation Solutions for a Mediation on your home, business or auto insurance claims on from a claim with your insurance or a claim with you filed due to an accident or injury. Mediation is the answer. We will work with you, your attorney and the opposing side as a neutral third party to resole the matter and bring closure, and agreement so you can move forward without the stress of this on you any longer. Choice Mediation Solutions is trained in many area that will allow us to know what you feeling, what you been dealing with or going through. Choice Mediation Solutions is not only highly trained in mediation we also co mediate and sit in on other law suits and mediation to ensure we stay up to date with how and what is needed to assist you. In any case. You typically hire an attorney, attend meetings, doctor visits, depositions, and court dates that take time away from your family, work or your life. With Choice Mediation there is no more waiting. You get to sit front in center with the opposing side to discuss your case with the person, business, adjuster that is the decision maker on the other side. No more middle more waiting for an update. You get to have full control on what you expect, need and want . You get to speak directly to the person that is needed to confirm or counter what you want, need or expect.. You get to be heard on how this affected you and also here the view on the opposing side so all options are clear and resolved correctly and timely. This process does not leave you feeling like you have settled ( Financially or Literally ) This process leaves you feeling closure and that a resolution was made. Choice Mediation Solutions Where your Voice counts! 337-284-3117 Everyone else will move on to the next thing when this case closes. We want you to be able to move on also know you have closure and the matter resolved correctly. Over 90% of cases settle in or before court. So why not settle now before you have more time and money taken from your bottom line. Insurance Claims with any Auto Flood Home Business

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