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Why Mediation for Eviction

EVICTION IN LOUISIANA....KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AS A TENANT AND A LANDLORD. IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW ARE HAVING AN ISSUE WITH EVICTION. WHETHER IT IS TO HAVE THE TENANT LEAVE YOUR RENT HOME OR A LANDLORD IS TAKING THE LAW IN HIS/HER OWN HANDS..CHOICE MEDIATION SOLUTIONS CAN HELP YOU. Choice Mediation Solutions will arrange a meeting with both the tenant and the landlord to establish communication and certainty on what is best for both parties affected. Cut time, cost and stress down by contacting Choice Mediation Solutions today to resolve any eviction issues you may have. Landlords and Tenants can not take the law in their own hands. There is a process that must be followed by Louisiana State Law. You have rights. Protect them today! _____________________________________ CALL US TODAY Fees 150.00 per hour with 2 hour minimum If you call in before June 30 2016 you will receive a flat fee of $300.00 ( 8 hour cap ) Choice Mediation Solutions Where your Voice counts! Serving Louisiana Lafayette - Baton Rouge - Monroe - New Orleans 337-284-3117

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