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I'm going to say it...

Are you getting up early, giving it all you got an the homeowner is just not satisfied? Are they so focused on that one petty thing???? That is major to them???(That u know you will get to?!?! )

Let's face it.. You building their dream home and it will always be difficult to please every moment of the build.. Things simply go wrong.

But after all the awareness brought forward in 2010 some homeowners feel the need to watch every nail to ensure no corners are cut...and that no one takes advantage! And they should! But it needs to be known this was not you!! Your work been on point!!!

It's about give and take.. It's about communication.. It boils down to trust and everyone's view.

Choice Mediation Solutions knows you work hard.. Choice Mediation Solutions knows they worked hard to build this home.

Choice Mediation Solutions knows what both parties are feeling and need. We have experienced staff that been their in both situations. We have staff that have mediated in this field for years.

STOP fearing law suits, discounts, excessive calls - Text - Email - walk ins, social reputation discredited, worrying about being said in conversation.

Get communication, compromise and resolution now. The only way to solve the problem is with the person you have the problem with!

So you both can enjoy the process.

At the end of the day... No one involved wants the frustration, or distraction. You both want action! That's hard to get one on one. Things escalate quick.

No one wants attorney fees on top of the build cost... On either side... With mediation you get a great service for fraction of cost and all can proceed with focus, and clarity.

Mediation is the key.. A third party sits with all on the job site or in the office.. Sometimes by phone - And we help you RESOLVE Now!

By getting your views heard!

Coming up with plan Agreeing to it in writing

So all can focus on the joy of the Home!

This don't go on for days/weeks/years!

Right now we have a promotion! Perfect time to try it out now! PROMO CODE: JUNE2016 Flat fee $300 (up to 8 hour) Original rates $150.00 per hour

Choice Mediation Solutions " Where Your Voice Counts“ 337-284-3117

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