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Where you bitten by someone's pet or an dog in your neighborhood?

Where you bitten by someone's pet or an dog in your neighborhood?

Pets/Animals are like family to many of us and just like humans they have attitudes, emotions and get highly frustrated in their day to day routines just like us.

As you know when we over step our boundaries we get into trouble..Well pets do too.

It is important to realize:

- Animals need to know and be taught boundaries

- Owners need to keep others safe from their pets if they are aware of the temper your pets may have

- Pets/Animals are like family - can not rush to put to sleep or hurt them.


- Is the person attacked/bit ok

- Is the owner of pet willing to see that I am ok

- What are my options

- Has the pet had all his shots

- What happens to the pet now

Things arise that we can not explain and we face Animal attacks, such as dog bites, etc.

First things first

- Go to the doctor and get checked out.

- File a report with local police station or request homeowners insurance information and file a claim

- Request information on the pet to ensure shots are up to date to ensure you are treated properly at your doctor.

Most often it is a neighbor or family member pet that has done this and we all know we do not want things escalated where we live or with family.

Your next option is to contact a Mediator

Do not fill the need to file a law suit till you have exhausted all other options. Filing a law suit will be timely, and cost everyone involved.

In a situation like this you want it to be over and done as quickly as possible so everyone can have closure and feel safe again.

You do not need an attorney for this process it is still part of your PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM - NOT PERSONAL INJURY CASE.

If the pet owners have home owner insurance.

Mediation will allow you to meet face to face with the pet owner, thier attorney ( If they choose to have one ) your attorney ( if you choose to have one ) and the Adjuster.

- The claim is handled quickly, directly,and quietly.

Your adjuster signs a legal binding agreement to:

- Attend the Mediation

- Discuss the Claim in it's Entirety

- And has the Authority to Approve Negotiation Amounts and Settle with you.

The main thing is hear to realize. Over 95% of claims settle. Meaning they do not get heard by the judge or jury. You either go all the way to court and get an offer or they present an offer sometime prior to court.

Some reasons for this is:

- Over Crowed Court Rooms

- Need to get the claim resolved

- Closure for Everyone

Settlements are great but not at the tale end of a case.

Some reasons why:

- Attorney fees

- Medical expense

- Witness - Deposition Fees and time

- Expert fees

- Time from Work

- Time it takes for closure

- Extended Wait times for court

All of witch comes out of your bottom line settlement one way or the other.

So what is your options and rights and the fastest way to resolve a claim and remain protected.


What Mediation does for you

- Gives you a legal binding contract agreement.

- Allows you to sit with the opposing side and speak on how this had affected you and will affect you.

- Negotiate real numbers from your perspective and get opposing sides direct response and views.

- Meet with the decision maker and come in to agreement on what it will take to get you back to your best literally, financially and medically.


- Allows the adjuster, insurance and Per owner - along with yourself not to have a law suit on your record.

- Shows everyone you are simply wanting what is right and want to speak about how this has affected you and them.

- Gives all parties closure and resolution.

- Concludes with more of the settlement in your pocket without all the cost of litigation ( law suit )

Studies show a settlement of 10,000 in a settlement offer in court

After deductions the client cleared 500.00.

Studies show a similar case went to mediation and a negotiation was reached in the amount of 8,000 and the client took home 7,500.

Mediation works!

Mediation is fast and effective!

Mediation allows you to have a voice in the matter!

Mediation gives you closure!

Mediation saves time and money!

Mediation is the key to resolving matters. Do not get stuck in a large overwhelming setting time and time again in doctor visits, depositions and in intimidating court rooms.

Adjusters will respect that you want to keep this matter quiet and they tend to cover all mediation charges due to you showing good faith that you are not wanting all you can are just wanting to have what you lost and be who you were before this happened.

Inquire about our personal injury flat fee rates.


Do you need an attorney for Mediation? No

Can you request a mediation if you have filed suit already and have an attorney? Yes!!

Whether you have an attorney and you want to get things back in motion or you have not hired an attorney yet and you would like to keep things simple and quiet and press on...Mediation Works

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