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Shipping Delays - Damage - Lost " Mediation

Shipping Attention Manufactures, Suppliers, Businesses Is Shipping causing you to look bad at your business. Are you entrusting your merchandise, products, craft in the hands of a shipper and then your customer contacts you with pictures of damaged goods, delays, or loss. Bring awareness to this situation and get the shipper in the Mediation session with you and your customer. Stop taking all the heat after working hard day in and day out to get your product out only for it to be damaged, lost or delayed by shipping. We understand things happen, but we need to bring awareness and everyone needs to be involved to avoid this constant issue from happening. Attention Shippers We are here for you too as a SHIPPER. We understand often times you take the lick for a vendor or suppliers that needs to by time!! SO they say..It has been shipped It was not like that when it left I put the right information...I do not know what happened WE HERE FOR YOU ALL. MEDIATORS ARE A NEUTRAL THIRD PARTY WE HERE TO OPEN LINES OF COMMUNICATION NOT POINT FINGERS NOT PLACE BLAME We here to assist you in RESOLUTION - CLOSURE AND AGREEMENT Attention Customers/Consumers! We here for all of you. You get a package in.. It is damaged You do not get a package in because it is lost or delayed We here for all of you!! Our Mediation Agreements are legal and binding agreements and for once will get you in a meeting with the supplier and the shipper to open lines of communication, hold all accountable for what there position in the matter is and allow the ones involved to work out the occurance together. What Mediation Does for all of you. - OPENS LINES OF COMMUNCIATION - SAVE TIME AND MONEY - RESOLVES NOW Law Suits, Claims, Complaints are great and effective but cost you time and money. Mediation is a quick solution. It is a legal binding resolution. It gives you closure because you get to speak for yourself, You get to make the decisions and you get to speak to all parties involved to gain closure NOW. Choice Mediation Solutions " Where your voice Counts" 337-284-3117

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