Boundary Claim, Case or Complaint - Call Choice Mediation

Boundary Claim, Case or Complaint - Call Choice Mediation

Are you having to deal with a neighbor at work or at home about boundary lines or complaints of what you should or should not be able to do at your own home. Tired of the comments, letters, looks.. Mediation can assist you. Choice Mediation Solutions will get the lines of communication open and in action. Compromise is key Communication is a must! DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN TAKE CARE OF THIS PROCESS WITH OR WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY? DID YOU KNOW IF YOU HAVE ALREADY HIRED AN ATTORNEY....WE CAN ASSIST BOTH OF YOU TO GET THE CASES RESOLVED AND SETTLED NOW - VERSES WAITING??? Choice Mediation Solutions can assist you. If you are in the middle of a law suit and would like to wrap things up. --- Contact Choice Mediation Solutions. If you have not yet filed a law on the fence if you want to or not... --- Contact Choice Mediation Solutions. One of our highly qualified Mediators will assist you today. We will work one on one with you and/ or your attorney and get a mediation session set for you. You will get to meet one on one with the opposing side, neighbor, so BOTH " Decision Makers" --- (You and Your Neighbor) Can Confirm with a Legal Binding Agreement, & Compromise Now...Saving you...TIME & MONEY. A Mediator Serves as a neutral third party that will assist all sides to resolve right away instead of waiting months, or years to resolve waiting for your turn in court. Over 95 % of cases settle before court or when you go to court...this process takes from your bottom line. Cases of this sort that went to court cost on average 1000.00 or more and you have to wait your turn to be heard. In most cases your attorney speaks for you and you never get a true say in what you really want or need...not because of your attorney...Just because..Typically the court request the facts..and the judge or jury will determine your outcome. This sometimes takes months or years leaving you to battle with your neighbor all this time risking escalation. Mediation allows you to both meet now...resolve now...have closure and move forward. It not only saves you time...Inquire about our flat rates for these type cases to save you money as well. In most Boundary cases we know you not typically out to seek a settlement . You are mainly seeking results. So you certainly to not want to pay allot to resolve and move forward. Choice Mediation Solutions " Where Your Voice Counts" 337-284-3117

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