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Have you Fallen at Work or a Place Of Business

Slip & Fall

Have you fallen at Work or a Place of Business?

Choice Mediation Solutions is an alternative to resolve claims, complaints, and law suits now verses waiting for your turn in court. Mediation is a fast effective solution with a legal binding contract that will save you time and money while giving you closure.

Did you know that most Insurance Agencies, Businesses, Attorneys and Adjusters want to resolve these matters just as quickly as you do? And that insurance policies are set in motion to protect you just like your home, business, or auto?

I know you would love to go on about your normal day as though nothing occurred but this is not always the case. So now you are hurt…considering the loss of work or the fact that you will have to work hurt. Doctor visits, Attorney fees, and time!

Choice Mediation Solutions is an alternative to resolve claims, complaints, and law suits now verses waiting for your turn in court.

Most often we are not certain in times like these on what our options, rights and coverage are so we hire an attorney and they take on the case for us. To ensure we are taken care of physically, medicinally and mentally to return back to or as close to the state we were in prior to the accident.

Attorneys have been taking on the load for us for decades and go above and beyond to see to it that we get the treatment that is rightfully ours. Attorneys have a large case load too and they would love to utilize Mediation to resolve the matter to give you the closure and resolution you want and need.

Whether you have hired and attorney or want to know your options prior to hiring an attorney Choice Mediation Solutions is here to assist you.

Your Mediator serves as a neutral third party to bring you and the opposing side together in a meeting to resolve your complaint, claim, or case.

Mediation allows you to opportunity to be heard, hear the views of the opposing side and come in agreement, resolve now!

No one wants to wait months or years to attend a set amount of doc visits to prove you are hurt. No one wants to have those doctor visits, attorney fees, court cost to pile up and come out of your bottom line.

Mediation is the option for you. It is you that is this matter is affecting and you deserve to have closure and be heard and move forward.

Our highly qualified staff has over 15 years in experience on the process of Disability, Workman’s Comp, Business Policy Insurance and what your rights are! Many have been in your situation that are in our staff and have firsthand knowledge on how you feel and what you need. Our Mediators have sat in or preformed many mediation in slip and falls and we are ready to resolve this for you Now.

For more information on Choice Mediation Solutions

Visit our Website at or call 337-284-3117

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