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Product Liability...You will not have to call. We Will!!

Product Liability is when you receive a product you have ordered, and/or purchased and it is





What is the best way to resolve??

Surely you do not want to begin a law suit and add more cost to what you have already lost. An Attorney would love to take on any case to protect you and get the matter resolved, but let's face it..There work load is heavy and your time waiting for a court date will only delay you even more.

Mediation is the answer.

With Mediation you get to meet with the supplier, or business face to face with your Mediator!

You get to Ask

-------- Why, What , When

And you will get the ANSWERS AND THE RESULTS!

You are the Decision Maker! You are the one Affected

You need to take Control in Mediation and End this for YOU!

With Mediation your Mediator will serve as neutral third party to ensure

- All Views are heard

- All Options are laid out

- Agreements are met

- Closure and Resolution is gained.

Mediation works effectively and efficiently giving you a Legal Binding Agreement while saving you a huge amount of time and money.

Yes a Law Suit, Liens, Judgments are all options to prove a point.

But Mediation brings RESULTS FOR A WIN FOR ALL!

Choice Mediation Solutions

" Where Your Voice Counts"


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