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Mediation is a great solution for Home Disputes or Concerns In:

Mediation is a great solution for Home Disputes or Concerns In: - Construction - Installs - Service Repairs - Remodel

No one wants to get caught up in litigation on a home construction, etc. You do not have the time, and you certainly do not want to spend the extra money. A Mediation Clause in your agreement, invoice, contract is a PLUS! But if you have not thought of that and you want resolution now to keep the work in process. Call Choice Mediation Solutions. We will get everyone in an open discussion about the HOW, WHAT, WHY, WHEN. For an Affordable price you will have everything back in line again with a Legal Binding Agreement that will allow all parties to know they are in control, and on the right track. Home Construction Mediation is only $350.00 flat fee for the month of July Promo Code: HOME72016 (covers up to 8 hours of service ) Add this to your home agreement today or utilize it to resolve your matter today. You will save time and money with this option and remain in Control! Lots can go wrong in home service, repair, construction. Protect yourself as a Contractor, Builder, Home Owner or Repair Service with Mediation. Inquire about our yearly plans to keep all lines of communication open, maintained and resolved. Promo Code: 2016HOME Choice Mediation Solutions " Where Your Voice Counts" 337-284-3117

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