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Do not Try to Win the Battle over Land Alone!!!


Premises Mediation Boundary Mediation Premises Liability Mediation Home Owner Insurance Claims For any and all Land discrepancies, claims, lawsuits contact Choice Mediation Solutions to assist you with the resolution. You do not want to be faced with a neighbor, family member, co worker or friend case that will go on for months or years because someone got hurt at a BBQ, or your not sure or what to make sure everyone knows your boundary lines. We take this serious. We Know you need results immediately and how awkward Land, Boundary situations can be. Over 98% of Mediation end in resolution! We get everyone involved and assist as a neutral third party, allowing you to have the say in the matter and bring this to a close.

Choice Mediation Solutions " Where Your Voice Counts" 225-308-4559 New Orleans 337-284-3117 Lafayette Serving Louisiana @ Your Location or Ours!

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