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Fallen at Work - Now What??

Whether it is Slip in Fall at work or another place of Business you are now stuck with the pressure of not being at your best or being injured to badly resulting in complete loss of work. At this time, we seek a law suit. Mediation is an alternative solution that gives you a say in the matter and you more control. Did you know you can request to speak to the insurer, business or adjuster to reach a resolution on what is best for you and them allowing you to get the treatment you need and return back to work with closure, or remain financially stable until you can.

Are you aware as the business owner, adjuster or insurance agency you can request mediation to resolve quickly and quietly without ruining your reputation you worked so hard for with an accident tied up in a law suit. We have reached a new time with new options. No one has the time to wait for a law suit. We need financial stability, treatment, healing and closure. Mediation is a legal binding agreement that will get this for you all right now! Choice Mediation Solutions Services offered by Phone, Email, Mediation at your location or ours. Serving Louisiana 337-284-3117

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