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Keep your Claim or Case PRIVATE with Mediation!

Mediation's are privately filed and not on your record as being sued or filing a law suit as both can tarnish reputations in some situations should another occurrence arise either way.

For example: let's say you were in an auto accident last year and filed a law suit. You were in the right... And felt only options were to file a law suit to resolve matter due to injuries.. You were not wrong.. And you certainly did not ask for the accident.. But a year r 2 later you got in another accident. Did you know right or wrong it “weakens“ your options, case, etc.

With Mediation you can file a claim, you can negotiate, and talk directly with the adjuster in a causal setting unlike court where it could be intimidating. Mediation is a completely private process. Mediation is not logged in court or public records but still is a legal binding agreement that will not only resolve your matter discreetly but also get you results now while saving you time and money!!

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