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Auto Accident??? Pre-Mediation or Mediation

Auto Accident ----- Personal Injury Claims 2 options to allow you to decide based on your discussions with adjuster how you would like to proceed.

1) Pre-Mediation - Mediator works through correspondence. ( Mail, Email, Phone ) We start with...This is what happened and request their side Then we ask if they would like to make an offer on what is fair considering, Or we Ask you if you would like to request what you would like to see happen and we go from there back and forth until resolution is met. Cost of Pre-Mediation is $450.00 to confirm (Coupon Code: CHOICE) expires 7/31/2016 Reg Rate $500.00 In the event we reach an Impasse we set up the Mediation to meet face to face So you are heard and hear their Views. In the Event an Impasse is reached in Pre-Mediation your first 2 hours are covered from Pre-Mediation Package, any time exceeding 2 hours once in mediation would be $150.00 an hour due at close of mediation ( Most often Adjuster will agree to split or cover cost due to you choosing to mediate and not litigate. 2) Mediation - Mediator sets up a Mediation where all parties meet that are confirmed decision makers. - Allows your views and voice to be heard - Allows you to hear the views and voice of opposing side - Saves time and money - legal binding agreement - confidential agreement that is not on anyone's public record - gives closure and resolutions because you are the decision maker in your own matter. - the opposing side decision maker is there to work one on one with you to end now - not months or years from now. Cost of Mediation is $150.00 an hour with a 2 hour Minimum to confirm Flat Rate offer for 1/2 day rate $500 ( 4 hours) or full day $900 (8 hours) CHOICE MEDIATION SOLUTIONS "WHERE YOUR VOICE COUNTS" SERVING LOUISIANA 337-284-3117 WWW.CHOICEMEDIATIONSOLUTIONS.COM

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