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Defective Products??? What Now?

A defective product is not uncommon with the massive supply and demand we are faced with today. However what one does about it to correct is what matters most.

When you have received a defective product ( or maybe you waiting on an item that is back ordered or broken) no matter what the case. You need to contact the supplier, business, shipper and let them know prior to mentioning it on any social sites, or going on fussing about the item. Inform First Then if no one is of assistance or if they tell you what you want to hear and nothing happens then seek assistance. The normal process would be to hire an attorney and allow them to take on the challenge on your behalf and this has worked for generations, however we are now faced with Attorneys that have late nights and crowded court rooms and long wait times for court dates due to a rise in law suits. Mediation is an option to seek prior to litigation. Most often when you make a purchase you want or need it now. You do not want to purchase another and wait for this case to resolve. You want what you ordered and you want to move on. Mediation allows you to have this option. With Pre- Mediation we will work through correspondence as a neutral third party to inform everyone of their views, facts and options from one party to the next. We will correspond a a neutral third party to work out the matter without the concern of litigation or escalation. If you see Pre-Mediation reaches an impasse ( can not be resolved ) then we will set up a Mediation. In Mediation you will meet face to face with the opposing side to open lines of communication with a legal binding confidential agreement that will allow results Now while saving you time and money. 98 % of all Mediation or Pre-Mediation sessions end in resolution that benefits all parties. Mediation is private and will not go on a public record showing a history of filing suit or being sued. Mediation is a way to resolve matters and bring peace to the claim, concern, complaint or law suit. Mediation Works Choice Mediation Solutions "Where Your Voice Counts" 337-284-3117

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