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Do you have a Business Dispute & Want to Resolve Now???

Were you at a place of business or an event and got hurt?

Are you thinking what are my options?

I don't know if I want to file a law suit?

Why is my law suit taking so long, I could use the extra help?

Attorneys work hard to protect you and cover the cost of your accident However with law suits at an all time rise - it takes awhile to actually get into court , and follow through with all that needs to be done to build your case properly.

Mediation allows you to meet with the opposing side and discuss the case with them in its entirely. Mediation gives you and the option to speak on your behalf or have your attorney speak for you in mediation, on what matters most to you and what you would like to see happen.

Mediation puts you in the room with the decision maker for the opposing side.

The one that as the authority to resolve the matter with you now.

Mediation is a legal binding, confidential session that can not be used in court should you reach an impasse. 98 % of all claims, law suits that go to Mediation resolve in Mediation in 1 session.

Mediation takes from 1-8 hours depending on the size of the case. Typically in 4 hours the matter is complete and all is on the road to closure and an agreement that will allow you to move forward now.

Choice Mediation Solutions " Where your Voice Counts" 337-284-3117

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