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Were you Hurt at Work??

When hurt at work - You must know what options are available and how you would like to handle the situation in the best way for you and your future and most often the future of your family.

With Choice Mediation Solutions

You can work on your claim without having to file a law suit, or if you have filed a law suit and feel you are at a stand still Mediation can assists you this way as well.

Mediation is private it does not go on your public record.


* In the event you are hurt again at same job or another job, it will not appear as though you have a history ( or as some would call a habit of filing suit ) Not everyone is out to file claims. But they are in place to protect you and you should be able to utilize it as needed. However some take advantage of the system so everyone needs to be cautious and protect themselves, and their business.

Mediation is confidential.


* Mediators are protected by state law much like a doctor that we can not be asked to be a witness in court.Mediators will not be required to assist in any court matter and do not keep your mediation or anything to do with your mediation on file.

* Should you reach an impasse in your Mediation, you may know more about the case or the opposing side, but it will be only knowledge "not proof" for your case.

Mediation Saves Time & Money


* With Mediation you meet the opposing side now. You speak to them personally . You make the decisions. You do not have cost of an attorney or court, you only have the cost of mediation that can be requested to be paid by the opposed side prior to or during mediation in form of a reimbursement. Therefore when you are offers a settlement offer for example of 10,0000 that 10,000 is yours it is not split between nor does it have medical, attorney fees, etc deducted from it unless you have came to the mediation to resolve a law suit already filed.

To discuss your workman's compensation claim with one of our highly trained mediators contact us today!

Choice Mediation Solutions

"Where Your Voice Counts"


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