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Business Disputes or Disagreements

Business Disputes or Disagreements

Choice Mediation Solutions allows you to be heard and redeem yourself. We know we all live in a fast pace world and the last thing we want is our client or customer to feel unappreciated or have a product or service that is not correct. Sometime thing slip through the cracks and we just need to be front and center with our client or customer to allow them to know we care and they matter.

In addition it is important for them to know that we work hard and that accidents or mistake happen often out of our control.

Choice Mediation Solutions allows preventative solutions to avoid lengthy litigation that will only tie down everyone. Do not get me wrong sometimes Litigation is the only way to go and we are grateful for the option. But sometimes we tie up our court systems with things we could simply resolve fast and effectively but require a Mediator to ensure the lines of communication are open, resolved and have the proper closure.

Choice Mediation Solutions has a monthly/annual service that will allow you to have a Mediator on call in the event you need to resolve a matter for you or your client or customer. This allows open communication all the time without the concern of escalation due to emotions or miscommunication. It allows you to have a Legal Binding commitment at all times to ensure you are a company of your word and care.

Choice Mediation Solutions also has a Pre-Mediation service that allows you to hire a Mediator to reach out through correspondence as we all know you and your clients or customer have a busy schedule and sometimes a Legal Binding call, email or letter will confirm what is needed so that all can progress in a positive manner.

Choice Mediation Solutions offers Mediation. So that now you can sit with your client or customer and you can be heard and hear what they have to say. This allows you both to work through the matter with a Neutral Third party present to keep emotions, facts, options, opportunities and resolution open.

Choice Mediation Solutions is here to bring you Change, Closure and Give your A Voice.

To View our references, history on claims resolved go to and to see all we have to offer go to

Choice Mediation Solutions

"Where Your Voice Counts"



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