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Hunting Disputes

Are you dealing with a Hunting Dispute with Property Lines, or is someone hunting on your property?

Mediation can work for you to resolve quickly with a Legal Binding Confidential Agreement.

Mediation is a private meeting between all parties involved that allows you to discuss the facts, options, resolutions needed to come into agreement.

Mediation allows you results now opposed to taking a matter of this sort to court.

Other Services Offered for :Personal Injury, Business, & Employment Disputes

- Mediation Clause - Pre-Mediation - Mediation - Business Conflict Resolution Services

For References and a Confirmed history on what we have to offer at Choice Mediation Solutions look for us on

Choice Mediation Solutions "Where Your Voice Counts" 337-284-3117 225-308-4995

COUPON CODE:CHOICE expires: August 15, 2016 Pre-Mediation $250.00 flat fee Mediation $350.00 flat fee

Inquire Today/Resolve your matter Now Reg Rates are $150.00 an Hour

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