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Personal Injury Claim or Law Suit

If you have a Personal Injury Claim or Law Suit and would like to see fast and effective results now. Contact Choice Mediation Solutions.

Our highly qualified and trained Mediators will put you face to face with the "Decision Makers" of the opposing side allowing you "The Decision Maker" for you side to work hand and hand to reach a resolution. Mediation is confidential, once you have signed the Agreement to Mediate your claim or case is confidential and will not go on any public record. Mediation is private, and a Legal Binding Agreement. Mediation is Cost effective. If applicable and you and the opposing side reach an agreement on a settlement offer you get that amount. You will not loose a percentage of that amount or have that amount go to medical, etc. The amount you agree upon is yours unless you have acquired cost prior to mediation. Choice Mediation Solutions allows you to gain access to your options at the beginning of your accident, or circumstance instead of you, your doctors, or your attorney being reimbursed after years and years of a financial burden. With Choice Mediation Solutions you will have the opportunity to discuss your claim or law suit and be heard, make a difference and have a reserve available if and when you need treatment instead of waiting to build a case based on numbers. Choice Mediation Solutions offers you and/or your attorney the opportunity to save time and money while working with experienced Mediators to assure you have the closure and results you want and need now. For References on Choice Mediation and A record of our impressive experience go to for more information on services go to

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