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Wrongful Eviction

Wrongful Eviction

Have you been evicted from your home or business and want to be ensured you were treated fairly? Did you know that there are certain rules and laws in effect to protect your rights, and options that are available to you?

Are you the Landlord, or Lessor and want to be certain you will not have any more concerns with a tenant that you need to get out of your building or home and want to make sure you take on this task without liability?

Choice Mediation Solutions have Mediators that are trained in this profession that will open the lines of communication between all parties involved with a Legal Binding agreement by correspondence through pre-mediation process or in Mediation allowing you to meet face to face and discuss with a Mediator ( Neutral Third Party) present.

Mediation whether through correspondence or in person will allow you to have a Legal Binding Agreement ensuring you all of your options and agreements to avoid any miscommunication or liability claims to be filed against you.

You can add mediation clause to your lease whether you are the lessee or the lessor to remain protected throughout this process.

Choice Mediation Solutions offers you the option to open lines of communication, options, facts and resolutions without escalation due to emotions.

For References and a Confirmed history on what we have to offer at Choice Mediation Solutions look for us on, you can also see all we have to offer at

Choice Mediation Solutions

"Where Your Voice Counts"



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