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Knowing When you Need and Attorney and When you can resolve yourself!

  • Personal Injury Claims

Knowing When you Need and Attorney and When you can resolve yourself! With basic accident claims process knowledge, a bit of organization, and a little patience, you may be able to handle your own personal injury claim with Mediation -- and without your insurance company's unfairly denying or reducing your compensation. In fact, if your losses were minor, and if you are armed with the proper information, you may end up with more compensation if you handle your claim yourself, because you won't have to pay lawyers' fees. Mediation and Pre- Mediation work Well for: - automobile, cycle, or pedestrian accidents - slip or trip and fall accidents - home accidents, and - accidents with defective products. Of course if you have hired an attorney and you are in the waiting stage for court or for medical reasons to show your injury, etc. Mediation will get the process moving again for you and your attorney. Mediation brings closure now with a legal binding agreement that is confidential. It does not go on your record ( Public Record ) or the record of the opposing side. Allowing you both to resolve the matter without tarnishing your reputation in the event something were to happen again. With this option the opposing side is most often willing to work with you more and even cover the cost. With Mediation when you are offered an amount, that amount is yours..You do not loose a percentage unless you have already hired counsel. Choice Mediation Solutions "Where Your Voice Counts" 337-284-3117 225-308-4995 COUPON CODE:CHOICE expires: August 15, 2016 Pre-Mediation $250.00 flat fee Mediation $350.00 flat fee Inquire Today/Resolve your matter Now Reg Rates are $150.00 an Hour

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