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Are you Waiting???

Are you aware that you have the option to resolve your auto claim or law suit now with no more waiting?

With Choice Mediation Solutions you have the option to reach out to the opposing side and request a Mediation with them to discuss the facts, views,opinions and resolutions of your auto claim.

Choice Mediation Solutions wants you to know the benefits of resolving your claim in Mediation.

- The agreement/settlement is private and not on public record.

Why is this important - You may ask?

1) Did you know that having 1 or more personal injuries on your name (public record) would weaken or even cause an attorney not to take on your case ? Yes this is true! It shows history (Habit)! Whether you in the RIGHT every time or not.

2)With Mediation this option is private for both you and the opposing side.Why would you be concerned with opposing side..After all you want to make sure they do not do this again to anyone else?? Let's face it. An accident is just what it is "An Accident" with you willing to work in a private Mediation an adjuster will work with you more and may even split or cover the cost of mediation being you elected this option to not tarnish you or their clients Name or Business.

3) Are you seeking any other forms of assistance to assist with fiances such as food stamps, disability, medical card, etc. Please Note with Mediation once you receive a settlement, you will have to inform such places that you have gained assistance from because it will not be on public record.

Choice Mediation Solutions offers you the option to resolve your matter in a confidential, private way that is less intimidating, time, and cost. Mediation Agreements are Legal and Binding and set in motion to give you a Voice and a Choice in your own Auto Accident ( Personal Injury ) Claim.

For Mediation Services contact Choice Mediation Solutions Where Your Voice Counts 337-284-3117

For more information on our experience, mediation certifications and referrals go to

We are now extending our services into south Louisiana and as a way to say thank you for choosing Mediation with us for the month of August, if you confirm apt on or before August 31, 2016 you will receive the following discount.

Mediation Services for $350.00 ( 8 Hour Cap )flat fee for mentioning this ad Coupon Code: VOICE

Regular Service fees $150.00 an Hour with 2 Hour Minimum due to confirm mediation $500.00 1/2 DAY RATE (4 HOURS) $ 900.00 FULL DAY RATE (8 HOURS )

Also inquire about our Pre-Mediation services that will allow you the option to resolve your matter with an assigned Mediator that will work through correspondence to resolve your matter.

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