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Whether you are a Homeowner, Client, Member, Customer, or Parent; Choice Mediation Solutions understands you want and need to be heard.

Choice Mediation Solutions know you feel it is your obligation, your duty to not only get what is right for you, but to protect others and bring awareness to what is and is not right and who will and will not take care of those needs or provide those services properly.

With Choice Mediation Solutions we here to stop the un-returned calls, emails, or text...the awkward feeling when you go in to check on your order or inquire on your service, that makes you feel you are wrong or an inconvenience.

A Mediator serves as your neutral third party to bring everyone together front and center to discuss the ends and outs of the entire situation and bring resolution, closure and a legal binding agreement!

You get to make the decisions and you get to express your views and give the business more knowledge and you get to hear the view of the company.

Choice Mediation Solutions realizes you want what you ordered or you want the labor, service, time you were promised.

With Choice Mediation Solutions we will cut out the frustration, doubt, delays, worry and concern. Let us work for you to bring closure to this circumstance.

In any Dispute/Disagreement/Unsatisfactory Situation you want one thing.

Choice Mediation Solutions Knows you want to be heard and to have resolution and closure.

You certainly do not want to spend more money on attorney fees; court cost nor have this drawn out for weeks, months years in court only to lose more time and money.

Choice Mediation Solutions Understands. We have mediators and Business Associates that have been in your shoes and know exactly how you feel and what you need.

Choice Mediation Solutions knows that you worked hard to get the product or service you paid for, and now you want to enjoy it.

At Choice Mediation Solutions we have highly trained mediators in this field that will work with you one on one to gain resolution with a vendor, manufacture, business, business owner, church, school, club, labor, sub-contractor, contractor, builder, repair man, or shipper . You name it; We can and will help you.

Stop dealing with this on your own!

Stop adding cost to what you have already spent with collectors, attorney fees, and court cost.

Let Choice Mediation Solutions - Get you in a meeting one on one with the opposing side and let's resolve this for a fraction of the time and cost.

In many instances the opposing side will cover half or all of the cost to allow all to have closure. Our rates are 150.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum to confirm your mediation.

Until June 30, 2016 with Promotional Code JUNE2016 you gain a flat fee for your mediation of $300.00 ( 8 hour cap - any hours over will be 150.00 per hour )

Consumers!! Contact Choice Mediation for: Contract: Breach/Dispute/Disagreements Service: Unsatisfactory/Warranty/Delays/Liability Product: Unsatisfactory/Warranty/Delays/Liability Business: Disputes/Delays/Customer Service Accounts: Payable/Receivable/Refunds/ Disagreements Shipping-Receiving: Damage/Insurance/Delays

Contact Us: Choice Mediation Solutions “Where your Voice Counts” 337-284-3117 Lafayette, La Open By Appoint only! Serving Louisiana Locations Lafayette- Baton Rouge- New Orleans- Alexandria, Shreveport- Lake Charles- Marksville- Monroe Or we will come to you!

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