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Business Claims - Disputes Disagreements

Contracts Billing/Accounts Payable Receivable Vendor Disputes/Warranty/Delays/Loss Customer/Product or Service Liability Customer Service Are you in the beginning stage wandering if you want to pursue a lawsuit? Fear not. With Choice Mediation Solutions you can cut to the chase and save time and money. Let us arrange a meeting for you to sit front and center with the opposing side as a neutral party and open the lanes of communication, resolution, closure, settlement and results. With Choice Mediation Solutions you make the decisions because after all. This is affecting you. Are you in the middle of a claim/case at a stand still finding yourself calling, emailing stressing wondering when will this end, move, resolve? With Choice Mediation Solutions we will work hand and hand with your attorney to get things moving again in your favor. Choice Mediation Solutions will set up a meeting so you and the opposing side and discuss all angles of the case past, present and future and allow you matter to resolve now. Over 90% of cases settle in or before court after running up fees that come out of the bottom line for you and your attorney. Get more..Get it now..Have a say in your case! Fees 150.00 per hour with 2 hour minimum If you call in before June 30 2016 you will receive a flat fee of $300.00 ( 8 hour cap ) Choice Mediation Solutions Where your Voice counts! Serving Louisiana Lafayette - Baton Rouge - Monroe - New Orleans 337-284-3117 Over 15 years experience in Business, Employment, Personal Injury, Commercial , Manufacturing, School, Church & Construction. We been there...We know what you want and need and we will get it for you.

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