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Employment Mediation Works! Your Place or Ours!

Are you experiencing an Employment issue at Work?

Today we have to work, most often all in the household has to work in some way whether it is a stay at home mom, wife or as a full or part time employee. No matter what the case..we are at work.

With that said we do not want to dread going to work due to:

- Co Worker that is impossible to work with

- Not being recognized for our hard work and dedication.

- An employer that is hard to work for

- An employer that does not notice or appreciate our work

- An employee that takes their job for granite

- An employee that uses company time for personal use

- Sexual harassment

- Being Bullied

- Being cast aside or mistreated

- Lack of performance

No matter they case. Mediation can open the lines of communication to offer you to speak to your boss or employee about the situation and have a setting where the door is open to say what is needed to say to hear and see all views of all parties.

This will

- Boost Moral

- Boost Production

- Boost Performance

- Solve Now

- Avoid lost of work

- Avoid law suit

- Avoid reputation being tarnished

- And bring closure

Our per-mediation agreements are perfect for this. Companies can have employees to sign off to mediate in the event of a disagreement and allow all lines of communication to stay in tact so performance remains at an all time high.

Workplace mediation sessions work well in addition to get in ..resolve ...get closure and get back to work.

If you are wondering about promotion, why you being cast out, call for a mediation. Do not fear losing your not fear how you will be treated for taking this action..Mediation can bring closure and open doors.

It is not uncommon to resolve and request a referral to be moved or even move up once the employer sees you view on things. Do not assume others see things the way you do. We all see things differently.

it is not uncommon of an employer to request a mediation with an employee to avoid the employee for distracting work ethic of others, or even you customers. As a business you must maintain communication. Mediation opens these doors and allows all views to be seen and heard.

Meditation will boost your




You day to day

Open the lines of communication with Mediation at one of our locations or we come to your workplace for workplace mediation with one or all staff...

Get performance back..get control...Let us assist you in opening the lines of communication.

Choice Mediation Solutions

"Where Your Voice Counts"


Serving Louisiana

Lafayette - New Orleans - Baton Rouge

Marksville - Shreveport - Monroe - Lake Charles

( At our Location or Yours! )

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