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Let's Talk Numbers - Auto Accidents

Auto Accident Claim

With 15k 30k 15k coverage

Let's Talk Numbers!

Research Shows a case going to court after 6 years

Settlement in Court Awarded by Jury

15,000 to Client for Pain/Suffering

Medical paid in the amount of 26,000

Vehicle fixed prior to court in sum of 12,000

Client Brought Home after fees

$9,000.00 6 years after the accident

Research on a similar case for Auto Accident with same coverage and scenario, and insurance company payee.

12,000 to Client for Pain/Suffering

Medical Set Aside 10,000

Vehicle Repairs 9,500.00

Client Brought Home after Mediation Cost

$11,100.00 3 months after the accident.

Mediation is not always about the money or the bottom line.

It is imperative to be heard and have closure and leave our mark to allow anyone else from having to go through what we went through and if they do..there is a record to go back on.

Choice Mediation Solutions

Will work as your Neutral third party to ensure you are heard

To Ensure your reach resolutions

To Ensure Closure!

Why Not Settle Now so you can begin focusing on what is next in your life and not having this claim or case dragging you down.

Choice Mediation Solutions

" Where Your Voice Counts"


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