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Why Not Settle Now?? and for once Not Literally!!

How would you like to resolve your Personal Injury Case, or Claim Now? You have that option with Mediation!

Personal Injury Cases resolve by settlement over 95% of the time. The only problem with that is you end up receiving a settlement offer anywhere from 5,000 to 100,000 ( More or Less ) and only bring home on average less that 20% of that total once all the fees, cost and medical come out of it. MEDIATION IS A LEGAL BINDING AGREEMENT THAT SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY RESOLVES NOW GIVING YOU CLOSURE YOU ARE HEARD AND YOU MAKE THE DECISIONS! So WHY NOT...Change up what you call the " NORMAL" routing and get Results Now. Mediation Research has proven to gain remarkable results. You may say. Well I do not have the medical insurance or the additional money to go at this alone. With Mediation you do not need it. The Adjuster, Insurance Company and/or Opposing side will be so pleased that you prefer mediation leaving their records to not take a huge hit with Litigation and the time and money it will cost..That often times they will split the Mediation cost with you or cover it in its entirety! Ok...then you say well what about the Medical. Fact are. When you hurt you either go to the emergency room or your family doctor. From then they will evaluate you and tell you what to expect and what you are facing. You can take this information into Mediation and cut to the chase! Stop letting Attorneys foot the bill for years until a case is resolved. Request a Medical Set Aside that will allow you to take care of your medical as needed. What is a medical set aside? It is funds the adjuster, company etc will put aside with you on your behalf to strictly tend to your medical expense for this injury. The money will not be left to no one and not be available to use on just anything. It is a nest egg for your health! That does not come out of your settlement agreement side. It is separate! For Example: Settlement in court Awarded for Workman's comp case 125,000 - 30% attorney fees $37,500 - 56,000 Medical - 4,500 Admin/Witness expense = $ 27,000 to client * 5 years from time of accident! Settle In Mediation 75,000 Awarded based on replacing income for next 5 years to get better + 50,000 to cover Medical in a Medical Set Aside Account - Mediation Fees $900.00 for 8 hour flat fee session = 74,100 in funds, 50,000 in medical account * 4 months from time of accident WHAT DO YOU PREFER?? Choice Mediation Solutions " Where Your Voice Counts" 337-284-3117

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