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Employee / Employer Mediation Sessions

Here you are going to work today and have so many regrets.

You know how much time you spend at work and you know the passion you have to be the best you can be and you feel it goes unnoticed, or your coworker brings your moral down. Most often we feel we do not have a right to express that thought or what we feel we need with worry that we will loose our job, or position. But the truth is that is just fear. Now I am not saying walk in and demand to be heard today or through a fit about how the company cannot function without you. However I am saying think of Mediation. What mediation does is it opens the lines of communication for both the employee and the employer. Some may say. O if I pull this one or the other will feel intimidated and I will be fired. No. Yes it is how some may want you to feel it works...But it is not so. That is not how this works. Mediation is a legal binding agreement and meeting session that will allow you to be heard. It is your right. With Mediation you can request to be heard. To see the views of both employee and employer. You are so stuck on how you feel, you may not realize there is a true reason for the set back on advancing you or you may see that you are needed for more in a day; that you did not realize. The point is there are options. In Meditation you can request for referrals, higher positions, consideration of pay raise, movement to another department or branch. You do not have to go to work day in and day out...unappreciated, with poor moral, or taken advantage of. We spend more time at work than at home. Make a difference and inquire about mediation. Choice Mediation Solutions has flat rates available for Employee/Employer Mediation. We also can meet with you at your place of business if time and space allows. Choice Mediation Solutions can meet with the entire staff in sessions to boost moral, open lines of communication and bring awareness to what is expected of everyone and what is available to everyone. Choice Mediation Solutions is here to open the lines of communication to get your performance, moral, production and focus back where it needs to be. Choice Mediation Solutions Employment Flat Rate Sessions Starting at $300.00 Inquire today 337-284-3117

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