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Insulation Crew or Insulation Issues !??!?!

Day in and day out are you feeling frustrated from broken commitments, or delays?

Do you feel the communication could be better between you and your Insulation ?? ( Contractor, Builder, Electrician, Plumber, Brick Layer, Painter, Installer, Roofer, Carpenter, Stucco Crew, Framer, Sheetrock)

Are on the the edge of threatening suit or have already filed suit?

We all know that can take more time, and money and that's not really how we want yo prove a point! We just want what's right and to be heard.

Once you would finally get to court you would be worse off than you are now and changes are you would come into agreement without ever being heard.

Get the opportunity to: Say what you need to say. Protect others from going through the same experience. Have a Say in the matter. Resolve the matter.

95% cases settle in court or before court after long lengths of time, and fees piling up only to take from the bottom line agreement.

Take control. Show you want in what's best for all.

For a fraction of the cost

Demand Mediation!

For of $300 PROMO CODE:JUNE2016 (valid till June 30,2016)

We meet at One of our locations throughout Louisiana! Your location. On jobsites ! At your place of business!

We here to get things back in motion, miscommunication, delays, set backs happen.

Choice Mediation Solutions is here to help resolve and get proper closure!

Before you hire an attorney. Open the lines of communication and resolution with Mediation!

Or if your at a stand still with a lawsuit request mediation with your attorney to get things in motion for all.

Choice Mediation Solutions "Where your Voice counts" 337-284-3117

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