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Before your Cross the Line - Mediate

Property Disputes

Can vary from boundary lines, someone getting hurt on your property, or your property causing concerns for others around you.

With Property " Premises Disputes

If is always best to resolve quickly and quietly before escalation arises.

With Mediation Services by Choice Mediation Solutions

We can meet with all parties involved and serve as your Mediator ( Neutral Third Party ) - To Keep lines of communication open - Resolve the matter with a Legal Binding Agreement - Save you time and money

A law suit, lien, judgment is all great assets to protect your rights, however we are looking for closure and we want and need it now. With mediation you no longer have to wait a long period of time or have the expensive cost of litigation.

If you are presently working with an attorney we will work with you and your attorney to get this case resolved now. If you have not yet hired an attorney we will work directly with you to resolve the matter now.

Choice Mediation Solutions " Where Your Voice Counts" 337-284-3117

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