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Building a Home? Do not go to War! Mediate!

Building a Home is a great accomplishment in our lifetime. It is imperative we maintain all open lines of communication and order.

Our Mediation Services offer you options for your Home Construction. Pre-Mediation Services Pre Mediation Services is a Mediation Clause you can have added to your contract, invoice and/or agreement with your Contractor, Builder, Suppliers and Subs. What Pre- Mediation Services will do is form a LEGAL BINDING AGREEMENT that in the event a concern, complaint, claim, compromise, disagreement arises all parties agree to Mediate to save you all time and money without slowing the process of the home construction down more than, and saving everyone money by working together with a Mediator ( A Neutral Third Party) The the event something should arise you can elect to work through your Assigned Mediator to resolve through correspondence by phone, mail, email, text to serve as that third party to keep emotions from flaring and escalation of the occurrence or concern. Or you can request a mediation meeting on site or at one of our locations. Mediation Services Allows you to open back the lines of communication with a neutral third party ( YOUR ASSIGNED MEDIATOR) in the event you have any concerns or disagreements to avoid the length in time it would take to file a law suit. Mediation Services offers your Solutions Now. Mediation is a Legal Binding Agreement. Mediation allows all views to be heard and open the lines of communication and compromise Mediation save time and money Choice Mediation Solutions Where your Voice Counts 337-384-3117 ( Voice or Text ) Serving Louisiana

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