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Do you have a Slip & Fall Claim or Case?

Do you have a Slip & Fall Claim or Case?

Are you aware that in a slip and fall or an accident at work an so many questions go into accepting a case - Such as pros and cons of your case. How strong, how weak, how credible, how much this will cost, how much can I expect in return for my client, what will it take to take care of my client, what is the history of my client, what is the history of the business they fell or got hurt at..The list goes on and on.

This is a normal process so first the attorney can make sure he represents you and protects you and gives you the best outcome available to you.

With Mediation this process is different.

Mediation goes strictly by facts, compromise, negotiations, resolutions, and results. Mediation saves you time, money and your reputation!

Mediation is confidential and private. It does not go on public record. Mediation works!!

When something like this happens we all just want , Privacy, Resolutions, Closure to get back to our normal day to day. Mediate...Don't Litigate.

Choice Mediation Solutions "Where your Voice Counts" 337-284-3117

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