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Just how private is Mediation!

Mediation is confidential to you and the business this circumstance has affected. Mediation is also confidential from the public eye, it is not recorded on public record leaving your history to not be tarnished with a law suit filed for or against you.

Should you find yourself needing to file a law suit later on, it will not be looked at as a routine/habit for filing claims or your business will not appear as though you have had the same on going circumstances from many lawsuits or a prior law suit filed against you.

Accidents happen and it is what you do next that matters whether you are the one that has fallen or the one that someone has fallen because of. There are options and it should not be uncomfortable to utilize them. They are available for this very reason.

Mediation allows the 2 parties affected ( being that is actually who this is happening to.) into a private setting with a neutral third party to discuss the claim and come into agreement with a legal binding agreement that will protect all parties and resolve the matter and bring closure to all.

Choice Mediation Solutions "Where your Voice Counts" 337-284-3117

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