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Construction Disagreements

Construction Disagreements

Are you building a home or having repairs done and things are not going as well as you discussed with the contractor, installer, Sub or even the Home Owner as you thought they would.

There is no need for aggravation, or escalation.

With Choice Mediation Solutions we have a team of Mediators that just work on Construction type cases. They know the ends and outs of how a Dream Home Build can and will have set backs and they know what you want and need to get back on track.

During construction whether is Hot or Cold, busy or at a stand still you need someone to come in as a Neutral third party and open lines of options, communication, and resolutions.

Choice Mediation Solutions is confidential and Legal Binding. You will get more than a hand shake to find yourself back at square one next week or the next. Choice Mediation Solutions will help you all hold to your word without emotions or frustrations getting in the way.

Add a Mediation Clause to your home construction business or construction process to ensure you do not get caught up in a lengthy litigation should something go wrong. We know you as a contractor you want nothing more than to build this home for your clients and we know as a home owner you have waited and worked hard for this moment ..ensure you all remain protected and working in sync from start to finish with Choice Mediation Solutions.

Choice Mediation Solutions also offers a service that allows mediation to be done by correspondence as we all acknowledge a busy, hectic work day but know we all would like confirmation on a Legal Binding Agreement. Choice Mediation Solutions offers Pre-Mediation for this reason.

Choice Mediation Solutions offers Mediation with a Certified Construction Team of Mediators that go on the job site for these type Meditations. We know that often times it is best to be there to see and save time and money.

For References and a Confirmed history on what we have to offer at Choice Mediation Solutions look for us on, you can also see all we have to offer at

Choice Mediation Solutions

"Where Your Voice Counts"



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