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Manufacture's / Saw Mills / Commercial / Small Business - Conflict Resolutions

  • Manufacture's / Saw Mills / Commercial / Small Business Are you working on an order and running into an issue where the vendor has not supplied correct product, or parts to manufacture, mill or make the order ( Product ), or you get the part, or material in and it is not correct or quality is poor. ( Or maybe the shipper damaged it) Now your customer is calling, they need the product and been waiting for the product and fussing and yelling at you, thinking you trying to delay them on purpose or worse..not fill the order at all. Choice Mediation Solutions - Knows what it is like to be caught in the middle. We know first hand how bad things can go, so quickly and not only affect you and your business but your family, your employees, their families and all the other customers and their families. Yes it is allot, But we live in a time where due to so much fraud people are on edge and feel you will take advantage of them. As a Business you must keep lines of communication open and stay on top of the concern. Due to social media it does not take people long to act out and ruin what you worked so hard for. You have to realize they are on time schedules and they have people, subs, installers relying on them too. You have to see it from their side too. They ordered a product and they have waited only to be told time and time again. We delayed, Back ordered, Waiting on More parts, material to complete. The list goes on and on especially if they are calling several times a day you can only say so much so many different ways. Stick to the facts. Stick to what is happening and never say what they want to hear and make sure your staff is not saying what they want to hear instead of the truth. Mediation will help to open the lines of communication. With Mediation the customer will hear from a legal professional with a legal binding confirmation on what is and what is not, what the options are and what they are not. Mediation allows you to focus on facts and resolution. Mediation allows your customer to hear and see your views and it allows you to see theirs. Mediation will bring you resolution without liens, complaints, concerns, law suits, slander, etc. Mediation stops the constant calling and complaining and allows confirmation to set in and be on record. Sign up for our annual Mediation Services to keep lines of agreement, communication and resolution available to you, your customers and your staff. A mediator is assigned to work for your business dealings by correspondence, at your place of business, or at one of our locations. This service also adds Mediation Clauses to your Invoices, Contracts and Agreements that will assure your customer in the event of any form of concern, or complaint you will take action with Mediation to avoid law suits. Mediation is confidential and will not be on public record like law suits, liens, judgments and social media attacks. Mediation protects your customer, your staff, you and your business! Inquire about Business Services for Business Owners, Installers, Contractors, Builders, Teachers, Attorney's, Mechanics, Accountants, Manufacturers, Mills, Shippers, etc. We offer Mediation, Pre- Mediation and Mediation Clause Agreements Inquire today!

Choice Mediation Solutions "Where Your Voice Counts" 337-284-3117 225-308-4995 Serving Louisiana @ Our Location or Yours!

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