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Want to Settle your Auto Claim or Law Suit Now?


Have you ever been in a car accident, and wondered why can I not speak to the person involved, or their insurance company and just be done with this? Why should I have to hire an attorney, and go to doctors for months to prove I am hurt with all the technology there is today?


Pre- Mediation: Mediators will work through correspondence on your behalf to resolve your claim, much like you do with the auto repairs. You have that same option for your well being and "repairs" too.

Mediation: Mediator will call a meeting with you and opposing side to sit down and discuss the matter together. This options offers you the opportunity to be heard, share views, compare facts, options and opinions and come in agreement. Mediation last from 2-8 hours with an average of 4 hours max and your claim, concern or even law suit you been waiting months or years to resolve is OVER, RESOLVED and SETTLED.

Mediation is a Legal Binding Agreement that is also confidential. Meaning, IT IS NOT ON A PUBLIC RECORD. Why is this important? Because if you were to get in an accident months, days or years from this one. This accident will not show up. Even though you were not in the wrong wither time. Having more than one accident on your public record weakens your case, or claim.

Mediation Resolves now, In 1 session of 98% of the time!

This happened to YOU. With Mediation YOU are the Decision Maker, YOU are in Control. YOU get Closure!

YOU save TIME, and MONEY.

With Mediation your bottom line offer, is yours. It is not divided up in percentages!

Choice Mediation Solutions "Where Your Voice Counts" 337-284-3117 225-308-4995

Serving Louisiana @ Our Location or Yours!

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