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Workman's comp!

Workman's comp!

Know your rights, know your options!

Hurt at work and not sure what to do or what to say. You pressed between should I report it.... I really need my job and to work... Or should I just hold off?

We all know if we do not stop and take care of ourselves it will only get worse. But in these times we wonder.. What will it look like to my family, boss, CO workers or my history of work?? !

Trust me. We were there. It is nothing to take lightly when you or your spouse is hurt at work. You have huge decisions to make and huge changes will happen.

You must know speaking up will only help you. It will not harm you. I myself can say my husband did speak up and he was taken care of from day one with allot of research, and a great attorney. I on the other put it off ... And now I wish I had not. Injuries get worse as the years go by.

My husbands medical is taken care of for life to ensure he's protected and I still just have to deal with my injury without treatment.

SO I can certainly assure you here. I do not know it all but I do know 2 really great scenarios that I personally encountered. We both were very young at the time so now I know the ends and outs of what he really needed most and how to get it for you.

If you haven't hired an attorney yet. That's OK. First things first. Have you filed the claim with your company? If no.. It will be a little harder to do now but it must be done ASAP. Explain you were in fear of loosing your job or disappointing anyone so you were trying to do the right thing and see if you had option to push through it. But you see now the injury is only progressing.

Next you will need to hire an attorney or you can come straight to Choice Mediation Solutions to set up a mediation (appointment) face to face with the company, adjuster, workman's comp rep. You will all discuss the extent of your injury, what you and they predict the outcome will be and come into agreement together on what is best for you, the company, and your future.

By taking this step they will be willing to work with you because you showed good faith on trying to work it out prior to filing a lawsuit. It will cut your fees and theirs down significantly. You will receive more of the bottom line numbers and the company will not have a lawsuit showing on their records. More than likely the company will cover the fees of the mediation due to your efforts to mediate.. Not litigate.

However.... If you are in the stage that you already hired an attorney, started going to doctor, have proof of your injury and what it will look like as years progress..That is great.. Attorneys will always take care of all angles to ensure you protected, and being seen by doctors to guarantee your healing process has begun.

You may just be at a stand still due to process of a lawsuit...This is where you can start to save time and money!!! You have an option to get front and center with Choice Mediation Solutions, your attorney and the opposing side and get things moving!

No more waiting months, or years.. No more settling for how the numbers fall according to your doctor bills, loss of income calculator, and length of time you have left on this earth. No.. You get front and center with Choice Mediation Solutions and you get to have a Choice in the entire matter.. you also get to Voice how this has and will affect you, your family and your career. The opposing side needs to hear it and you need to say it to gain closure!

With any case once it's over everyone moves on the same as they had prior except you. You the one affected.. So you should have the Choice and Voice in your matter!

Contact Choice Mediation Solutions today.

We will get you in front of your claim to help you get closure and resolution. With Choice Mediation Solutions you will receive your settlement options now... you won't feel like you settling.... You will feel like the matter is be resolved!

Choice Mediation Solutions 337-284-3117

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