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Animal Attacks/ Bites can be very difficult to react to ?!

Animal Attacks/ Bites can be very difficult.

You are not only affected by someone's pet is usually affected also. Yes they caused it, but they are still a pet to someone. With Choice Mediation Solutions we assist you in being informative to allow others to not go through what you have went through by getting you in front of the pet owner and or insurer to be heard. This will also allow you to have the protection, resolution and closure you want, need and expect. Mediation gives you an opportunity to save time and money with a Legal Binding Agreement to resolve now. We all know most law suits take months are years to give your chance to be heard in court. Most often even then you do not get to say all you want or need to say. In Mediation you get a Voice You make the decisions You get to resolve You get closure Mediators serves as a neutral third party that will assist you in opening the lines of communication, agreement, compromise, resolution and closure resulting in a settlement offer that you will not have the same fees, medical, cost deducted from should you have to go to court. Research shows over 95% of cases resolve in a settlement offer, only to have all types of fees deducted from it by the time you get to that point. Choose to mediate in the beginning to save yourself time and money! This happened to you . You should be the one taken care of first and foremost. Choice Mediation Solutions " Where Your Voice Counts" 337-284-3117

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