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Options in Workman's Comp Claims

Workman's Comp Claims

Have you gotten hurt at work and not real sure on what to do next.

You know this will affect your performance if you press on, but you also know you will hurt your finances if you do not.

Mediation is a fast and effective Legal Binding way to resolve now.

You may say - Well how would I go see a doctor to get the initial evaluation, treatment I need or see the extent of my damages?

Our normal is to file a law suit and let the attorney bare all the weight of cost and time and I am not sure they are noticed for this, or it just comes as a normal routine for us as consumers, but an attorney covers all the cost until the case is resolved.

This is one of the reasons your attorney, if you have already hired an attorney would be more than happy to go to mediation and resolve the case too.

However if you decide to file a claim and seek mediation first to avoid filing a law suit. Businesses carry and pay for Insurance day in and day out and most of the time we also have insurance in addition to this that we can utilize to see about our well being and then we and/or our insurance can be reimbursed.

You can simply request for an evaluation doctor appointment with their doctor and but also state you want your doctor to see you too. It will show you are open to all options, and to see what is needed to get back to your day to day. It is not unusual to have a second opinion so there is no reason why this would not be allowed or offered to you.

Some businesses, or insurers may wait until your visit is done to ensure there is not any false claims, and to protect their rights and claim records from scams.

Most businesses will see you are wanting nothing more than to work with them and that is is a opportunity to do the right thing and avoid a law suit. They will be more eager to assist you. Do not sign anything agreeing to not file suit if they take on this responsibly.

If they come at you with this - Be aware that you can offer to sign an Arbitration or Mediation Clause. Agreeing to resolve in Arbitration or Mediation. This will allow you to remain protected in the event your injuries are severe and you will need long term treatment.

For more information contact

Choice Mediation Solutions " Where Your Voice Counts" 337-284-3117

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